Are you tired of feeling tired? Tired of feeling burnt-out no matter how hard you try to be healthy? Do you need some practical guidance on how to really improve your health and get back your energy?

Then welcome to The Health Lounge ->

We're here to help you make sense of what is going on and why you are feeling so utterly exhausted. Join a group workshop, come to one of our talks, read our blogs or get to the root of your health problem through a private consultation.

Welcome to The Health Lounge

We are here to help you get your energy back.

We bring you clarity, understanding and practical guidance on healthy living.

The Health Lounge workshops on healthy living

Join a Workshop

Explore, learn and share in our 2 to 3 hour group workshops held monthly in Perth.

The Health Lounge consultations

Have a consultation

Find personalised health care with Ruth Hull, an Integrative Health Consultant with over 20 years experience.

The Health Lounge healthy living talks Perth

Come to a talk

Do you need a new perspective? Listen, question and be inspired at our 40 minute lunchtime or evening talks.

Your health matters. So join us.

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