Let’s Talk About: You & Stress

The experience of stress is different for each and every one of us and so the focus of this course is not so much on the physiology of stress and its impact on the body. It is instead on how you, as a therapist or health professional, can guide your client through exploring their own stressors and how they can learn to deal and cope with their stress in their own way.

This is a course with a difference. Although it’s aim is to empower you to help your clients cope with stress, the course itself has been developed as a journey through which you take yourself. As you progress through this journey, you will not only learn different tools and techniques to help you cope with stress, you will also experience these techniques first hand and so be able to help your clients on a very deep level. We hope you enjoy the experience!

This course assumes you already have a knowledge of basic anatomy and physiology and are working in the health industry or studying towards a qualification. It is not for absolute beginners, but is, instead aimed at complementary health therapists, beauty therapists, yoga instructors and health coaches wishing to extend their knowledge.