Are you looking for a new perspective on health and healing? Are you a health-addict wanting to learn more…and more…and more? Yes? Great! You’ve come to the right place.

We’re here to help you learn about health in whatever way suits you:

  • find friendship, support and accountability in our group workshops held in Perth and online
  • get motivated and inspired at our health talks held in Perth
  • educate yourself through our blogs
  • ….or get to the root of your own health problems and learn what it means to be really healthy at a private consultation.

The Health Lounge is here to help you make sense of the overwhelming and conflicting health advice you can find these days. The internet, your friends, your families and your work colleagues can give you conflicting advice. Or just too much advice too quickly!

All workshops are facilitated by Ruth Hull (www.ruthhull.com), a Homoeopathic Doctor, integrative health consultant and four times published author with twenty years experience in natural health.

Watch this interview between Ruth Hull and ThinkTree Education to find out a bit more about Ruth…

What People Say

Dr Ruth genuinely cares about your health and well being and her vast and intricate knowledge on so many different areas is incredible. She takes a holistic view of your life and works with you where you are at, at that moment. No judgement, no expectations – she just wants to help you get the most out of your life. She is an absolute gem.

Sarah, South Africa

I recommend Dr Ruth Hull to everyone I know!!  She is passionate about what she does and goes to amazing lengths to source information and resolve your issue, whether it be anxiety, stress, allergies etc.  Dr Ruth is gentle and incredibly empathetic and really offers a totally holistic care approach, with your needs being paramount. 

Tanya, Australia

I worked with Dr Ruth Hull remotely from Canada while she was in South Africa and then in Perth, Australia. She was a breath of fresh air for me, very different than the ‘push hard’ and ‘deny the pleasure’ messages that have been so prevalent in my life. Dr Ruth helped me see the value in listening to my body, and exploring the pleasure of healthy food.

Adele, Canada

We bring you a profound understanding of how your body works and what makes you ill. We teach you the difference between what works to get you healthy and what doesn’t. Most importantly, we show you how to make health a part of daily life.