One Good Reason To Sleep

When I first started thinking about this blog, I was going to entitle it “Five Reasons to Sleep” and then discuss five benefits of a good night’s sleep. However, when I started to think about it, I realised that there is really only one reason to sleep: to keep alive! Every single creature on earthContinue reading “One Good Reason To Sleep”

Stress & your hormones

When discussing hormones it’s difficult to know where to begin.  We could start by looking at different disorders related to hormonal problems: for example premenstrual syndrome, menopausal problems, infertility, thyroid disorders, weight problems, depression, chronic fatigue….the list is endless.  Or we could start by looking at different treatment options and how they work.  For example,Continue reading “Stress & your hormones”

3 Steps to a good night’s sleep

According to the American Sleep Association, approximately 30% of adult Americans suffer from insomnia. That is nearly 1/3 of adults! Are you one of those statistics? If you are, then you certainly are not alone. So what can you do about it? The best place to start with getting a good night’s sleep is whatContinue reading “3 Steps to a good night’s sleep”