Stress & your hormones

When discussing hormones it’s difficult to know where to begin.  We could start by looking at different disorders related to hormonal problems: for example premenstrual syndrome, menopausal problems, infertility, thyroid disorders, weight problems, depression, chronic fatigue….the list is endless.  Or we could start by looking at different treatment options and how they work.  For example, … Continue reading Stress & your hormones

Managing Menopause Naturally

What can you do to help yourself through menopause?  Firstly, and most importantly, understand and accept what is going on in your body.  As the saying goes: “If you decide to meet age with a smile, you greatly enhance your chance that it will smile back on you”[i].  Previously, research showed that Japanese women experienced … Continue reading Managing Menopause Naturally

Hello Menopause

It is easy to say that the symptoms of menopause are merely a state of mind until it actually happens and you feel there is absolutely nothing you can do to help yourself.  It is also easy to say to yourself that all of this is part of the natural process of your life, that … Continue reading Hello Menopause