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One Good Reason To Sleep

When I first started thinking about this blog, I was going to entitle it “Five Reasons to Sleep” and then discuss five benefits of a good night’s sleep. However, when I started to think about it, I realised that there is really only one reason to sleep: to keep alive! Every single creature on earth sleeps. Even your goldfish sleeps. Even the worm in your … Continue reading One Good Reason To Sleep

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What does a honey-bee have to do with epigenetics?

Did you know that queen bees and worker bees are genetically identical? They have identical DNA. So what makes them so different? What makes the queen have a larger body, live a longer life and be able to lay thousands of eggs while worker bees are smaller and sterile? It’s all in what they eat! The queen bee eats nothing but royal jelly her entire … Continue reading What does a honey-bee have to do with epigenetics?

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Is Loneliness Killing You?

“I’m falling apart right in front of your eyes, but you don’t even see me.” Invisible Good relationships not only keep us happier, they also keep us healthier. Loneliness, on the other hand, results in a decrease in brain function, a decline in health and a shorter lifespan. The Harvard Study of Adult Development The above statements are not made up – they are the … Continue reading Is Loneliness Killing You?