Ruth’s Education & Qualifications

Books Published


Masters Degree

I hold a Master’s Degree in Homoeopathy and am registered as a Homoeopathic Doctor in South Africa.  Here homoeopathic educational standards and registration are closely aligned with those of medicine.   The Master’s Degree is a 6-year full-time degree which includes human anatomy & dissection, human physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, general pathology, systemic pathology, histology, psychology, psychopathology, homoeopathy, phytotherapy and nutrition.  In order to maintain my professional registration, I regularly attend training in Functional Medicine, Phytotherapy, Nutrition and Biopuncture.

Bachelors Degree

I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Literature and Philosophy (summa cum laude).  I continually study, write and teach in Integrative Health and am currently writing a book on Fatigue and Burnout.

Certified Primal Health Coach

I studied Health Coaching through the American Primal Health Coach Institute and in both my professional and personal life I focus on evolutionary-based lifestyle principles such as diet, exercise, sleep and stress-management. 

Diplomas in Complementary Therapies

I began my career in natural health in 1999 when I first studied complementary therapies in London. I hold diplomas in Reflexology, Massage and Aromatherapy and practised these for many years both in London and Durban.


  • Australasian Integrative Medicine Association
  • Institute for Personalised Therapeutic Nutrition
  • Primal Health Coach Institute
  • Allied Health Professions Council South Africa