Lunch-time talks that can change your life

If you are pressed for time but really need to do something about your health then join us in your lunch break for these short, focused talks.

Each talk is only 30 minutes and aimed at giving you clarity, understanding and practical guidance on a specific topic. You will always leave with some simple steps that you can put into your day-to-day life to start changing your health.

Our lunchtime talk this month is on:


  • Date: Friday 6 September
  • Location: Wembley, Perth
  • Time: 12noon-1pm
  • Cost: AUD 15

If you are one of those people who knows you need to slow down and take things easier but you just can’t, then this is the talk for you. Come and learn some simple techniques you can use every day to help you slow down, relax and let go.

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Evening chats to inspire a wanderlust for health

Are you looking for a group of people who think and feel the same as you do? People interested in health and getting healthy.

If yes, then join us once a month to ‘talk health‘.  Each month we’ll chat about a different health topic and explore ways in which you can make health a part of your life, no matter what your budget or family/work commitments. 

These regular get-togethers are open to anyone with an interest in healthy living, in exploring health topics, in learning and in sharing. So if you are a parent wanting to improve your family’s health, an overworked individual wanting to get control of your health or a health professional wanting to learn more as well as share your knowledge then please join us!

Our evening chat this month is on:

Gut Health

  • Date: Thursday 19 September
  • Location: Claremont, Perth
  • Time: 6:30-8:00pm
  • Cost: AUD 40

There is so much we can talk about on this topic – food intolerances, the microbiome, ketogenic diet, paleo diet, sugar addiction, inflammation…..there will be some serious chin-wagging going on!

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