Are you desperate to get to get to the root of your child’s concentration problems or bad behaviour? Or of your own digestive problems, skin condition, moodiness, poor memory, brain fog or fatigue? 

  • Date: Thursday 25 July, 2019
  • Location: The comfort of your own home
  • Time: 8pm-9pm (1hr) AWST
  • Cost: AUD 30

Are you looking for answers?

Then the best place to start is by ruling out food intolerances.

If you are intolerant to a food, you need to cut it out of your diet.  But if you aren’t intolerant, why waste time, money and effort eliminating foods that you enjoy?  

Join us for this empowering talk and find your answers.

In this educational talk, Dr Ruth Hull draws on her experiences as a homoeopathic doctor as well as her knowledge as a writer of anatomy, & physiology textbooks. Her aim is to help you understand what is going on in your body so that you can make the best choices for yourselves and your family.

Please note that Ruth will not diagnose, offer any therapies or try to sell you any products. All talks are for educational purposes only.