Foundational Workshops

If you want to learn the basic foundations of good health and develop your own strategies for putting these foundations into action then these are the workshops for you. Come and get yourself healthy – get yourself eating well, sleeping well, coping with stress and even losing weight. Make friends with others on the same journey as you. Connect, learn, explore and have some fun!

Our workshops are small and personalised. We take a maximum of 12 people for our Perth-based sessions and only 6 for our online sessions to ensure you always get individualised attention and all your questions answered.

In-depth Exploratory Workshops

If you are struggling with your health or have a chronic condition that you aren’t really coping with then join us for these deep, exploratory workshops which will bring you face to face with your condition and what you can do about it. Come prepared to learn, explore and go deep! Come prepared to not only share your story, but also support others going through the same struggles as you.

Integrative Health Workshops – For Health Professionals

These workshops are different – they are where integrative health really happens! This is where medical doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, complementary therapists, nutritionists, health coaches, yoga teachers, fitness instructors and all other therapists with a genuine passion for health and healing come together.

These workshops focus on one specific disease or disease process at a time and give you a chance to really enhance your education, deepen your understanding and broaden your integrative knowledge. Most importantly, these workshops enable you to connect with other professionals, learn from them and share with them.

We are always developing new workshops so if there is something you really want to learn about please send us a message.

Current Workshops

Eliminate the foods that make you sick, fat and tired

WORKSHOP – 21 May in Perth & 28 May online. A severe title for a workshop, I know, but this is a tough workshop….and one that will hopefully change the way you eat for life ! In this workshop you will: Learn how to eat so that you can balance your hormones and therefore control […]

Eat your way to health, happiness and longevity

WORKSHOP – 4 June in Perth & 11 June online. Everything about you – how you look, feel, function and age – is defined by what you choose to eat. So what do you choose to eat? This is your chance to really educate yourself so that you can make the best possible choices not […]

Prepare for a good night’s sleep

WORKSHOP – 18 June in Perth & 25 June online. Are you tired? Do you lie awake at night staring at the ceiling or counting sheep? Do you toss and turn all night and wake up feeling more tired than before you went to sleep? If yes, then join us as we explore the insanely […]

The 7 habits of highly relaxed people

WORKSHOP – 2 July in Perth & 30 July online. “Just relax” say your family, friends and doctor. “Take time out”. “Learn to cope”. Very sage advice – but easier said than done! We all know the negative effects stress has on our health. We all know that we need to slow down and de-stress. […]

The Health Lounge – Q&A Session

WORKSHOP – 23 July in Perth & 12 August online. Get all your questions answered and perfect your blueprint for a healthier you. This is the last in our series of workshops and it is only available to individuals who have completed the previous 4 workshops (see details below). Together these workshops will help you […]